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Tigard Bowl offers league bowling all year long. If it is just a single person or a whole team, you can start your own league or join up with an existing league.. We are here to cater to your needs, please call us if questions arise. Let us know what you need and we will do our best to make it happen for you!

Winter League 2013 Schedule:

Day Type League Team Time Meeting Date Start Date
Sunday Kids/Adults Adult/Jr 4 6:00pm Sept 15th Sept 22nd
Monday Mixed Monday Morning Madness 3 9:30am Aug 19th Sept 9th
Mixed Bud Light Tri Valley 4 6:30pm Aug 19th Sept 9th
Tuesday Mixed Vagabonds 4 6:30pm Aug 20th Sept 3rd
Wednesday Mixed Mixed Nutz 4 6:30pm Aug 21st Sept 4th
Thursday Ladies Brunch Bunch 4 9:30am Aug 22nd Sept 5th
Mixed Crazy Trio 3 5:30pm Aug 22nd Sept 5th
Men Mavericks 4 7:45pm Aug 22nd Sept 5th
Friday Mixed Friday Trio 3 9:30am Aug 23rd Sept 6th
Mixed Vegas Vacation 4 6:30pm Aug 23rd Sept 6th
Saturday Kids Kingpins 4 9:00am Sept 7th Sept 14th